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RBG Africa Logistics


Having strong exposure in Mozambique, Cornelder is responsible to work with local people together and change the current situation. RBG Africa Logistics is a company built up to address the problems by providing the most reliable and cost-efficient integrated logistics services through the collaboration with other partners like The Ports and Railways Company of Mozambique (CFM), Cornelder de Moçambique (CdM) and Transportes Carlos Mesquita (TCM).

As the backbone of RBG AL future development, the Warehouse and Open Storage target to handle 400,000 tons of cargo every year. It will largely relieve the capacity stress caused by the fluctuation of import and export, furthermore, generate more business opportunities for the local area.

We treasure the people while growing business. RBG AL is planning to hire 50+ local employees to operate the Warehouse and Open Storage. Vocational training will be provided through our own training center ROTC (a joint owned company by Cornelder and STC as a local partner). The talents who have managerial skills will also be promoted to take more important roles.

We respect the diversity of people and we treat people equally. RBG AL is always an advocate of gender equality. Currently, 60% of the local employees are female. All our employees are in the plan of social insurance, regardless of their gender or color. We will implement the same value in whatever business we do.

We will follow the world-class standard to construct and operate the Warehouse and Open Storage. A structure reinforced warehouse will be built up so that it could withstand the extreme weather, such as Idai; powerful equipment are included in the purchase plan to handle cargo efficiently; a European logistics software with warehouse management function has been selected to support the future business; a digitization project is going on to improve the process efficiency.

As an impact investor, Cornelder is also actively looking for partners and seed funds to develop the Beira Corridor together, and fundamentally change the current situation of lives.

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