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Member of global association of maritime and logistics industry, and active involvement in industrial forums and events


Globalia Logistics Network is an exclusive network of the highest caliber freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who actively co-operate to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses together through mutual cooperation to beat the leading multinationals.


The NABC promotes commerce in Africa by providing Dutch companies with the tools they need to succeed in the various regions and markets across the continent. By hosting multiple events throughout the year, NABC is able to provide their members and associates with valuable networking opportunities that solidify new B2B and B2G relationships

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In the aftermath of the Idai Cyclone that hit Beira and surrounding region in March of this year, a work group / network called the Beira Corridor Initiative (BCI) was created. This group, led by Cornelder of Mozambique ( the port authority ) includes freight forwarders, shipping lines, road haulers, CFM ( Mozambique railways ), Mozambique Customs Authority and other port users and has RBG AL is one of its founding companies.


The BCI’s main objective is to create a platform and drive engagement with its various stakeholders, whereby constraints can be addressed and solutions can be obtained, thus improving the corridor for all its national and international users, and hinterland economies – Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe – as whole.


A two day event, 1st & 2nd of August, took place in Harare, Zimbabwe with over 200 guests in which RBG AL successfully participated.


The Beira Corridor Initiative has already held conferences in Harare twice and in Lilongwe once while similar conferences in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo are scheduled for September, 2019.


With this commitment, the Beira Corridor Initiative (BCI) the Beira Port is from now on more than just a port and Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are no longer landlock countries., but now intrinsically connected to Indian Ocean.

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